5G, Devices & Communication
5G, Devices & Communication innovation includes mobile device innovation, telecom & carrier innovation, and communication infrastructure/technologies.

Mobile Networks, Hardware & IoT
Mobile Dev Innovation includes mobile hardware innovation, Internet of things (IoT) technologies, mobile APIs, mobile media technologies, mobile frameworks & libraries, and mobile cloud services.

Mobile Business Strategy & Management
Mobile topics in mobile application marketing, mobile business growth strategy & business models, mobile product management, mobile team management, and mobile infrastructure/stack management.

iOS Development
iOS Development innovation includes iPhone/iOS application development, iOS software solutions, iOS application services, and iOS hardware/device integrations.

Android Development
Android Development innovation includes Android application development, Android software solutions, Android application services, and Android hardware/device integrations.

Mobile DevOps & Analytics
Mobile DevOps & Analytics innovation includes application deployment and security, application monitoring and analytics, and application testing.