Join 2,000 participants at the global virtual conference supporting mobile technology innovation.

Conference Tracks

5G, Devices & Communication
5G, Devices & Communication innovation includes Internet of things (IoT) technologies, mobile hardware and device innovation, telecom & carrier innovation, and communication infrastructure / technologies.

iOS Development
iOS Development innovation includes iPhone / iOS application development, iOS software solutions, iOS application services, and iOS hardware / device integrations.

Android Development
Android Development innovation includes Android application development, Android software solutions, Android application services, and Android hardware / device integrations

Mobile Management
Mobile Product Management track includes topics in mobile product management, mobile team management, and mobile infrastructure / stack management.

Mobile Business Strategy
Mobile Business Strategy track includes topics in mobile application marketing, mobile business growth strategy, and mobile business business models.

Mobile DevOps & Analytics
Mobile DevOps & Analytics innovation includes application deployment and security, application monitoring and analytics, and application testing.

Mobile Dev Innovation
Mobile Dev Innovation includes mobile APIs, mobile media technologies, mobile frameworks & libraries, and mobile cloud services.

This was my first time at DeveloperWeek. There were around 20.000 attendees. Great place to network, connect and experience new technologies. Would recommend to everyone.

Sarah WellsTechnical Director at the Financial Times

About mobileWeek

Join 2,000 mobile application developers, mobile team managers, mobile growth & strategy professionals, and mobile executives at the global virtual conference dedicated to mobile technology innovation. mobileWeek is produced by the DevNetwork team, and our global conferences attract over 20,000 attendees a year.

Come hear the product success stories from tech product professionals at the top global tech companies! Past speakers at our events include executives from Google, Facebook, IBM, Square, Uber, Linkedin, Slack, Microsoft, Atlassian, and 500+ more.