Exhibiting Companies

Our sponsorship packages are designed to create maximum engagement with the developer industry’s most influential buyers and “thought-leaders” and are completely customizable.

AppFriends.me is a plugin social layer for mobile apps. Our SDK creates a social network inside the customer’s app, using public chat channels, private messaging, and social graph to drive user engagement.

BeaconsInSpace provides beacon infrastructure APIs for developers to build scalable, contextual and hyperlocal applications.

FlixAcademy makes education more entertaining by making entertainment more educational! Our FlixREMIX mobile app watches a movie along with you, showing and speaking expert commentary and interactive quizzes at Teachable Moments in the movie! Our FlixAcademy.com search engine helps teachers and parents find movies and videos by Topic, Subtopic, Age, and Runtime.

Today’s students learn differently and educators need to reach them the way they want to be reached. We embrace the latest technologies and trends like Augmented Reality, Text-To-Speech, the Flipped Classroom, the Second Screen and more.

Additionally, FlixAcademy pays teachers to create and upload lesson plans, which are turned into interactive FlixREMIX lesson plans, as well as printable PDF student handouts, quizzes, and answer keys!

FlixAcademy has won several awards, including $20,000 in the Verizon Apps For Class Challenge, the Digital Hollywood Start-Up Showcase, and Rochester Startup Weekend!

Parents can use FlixAcademy and FlixREMIX to supplement their children’s education, as well. Turn TV Time into Learning Time.

Instead of just watching TV, with Flixacademy, students can Watch. And Learn!

Grown Ocean is the mobile app for your outdoor adventures. Create you list, plan the details, and conquer the most exciting parts of the world, near and far.

Navigine is an enterprise platform for precise indoor positioning on the basis of Bluetooth LE/Wi-Fi/UWB infrastructure.

The core of our products is the technology of precise positioning (up to 1 meter) using data available in majority of current mobile devices.

Our first product is an SDK to integrate indoor navigation, push notifications and motion analytics functions into mobile apps.

The second product is the tool to create solutions for tracking of staff, vehicles and other assets inside buildings.

Currently we have got 100+ installations performed by our 50+ business partners.

  • We are particularly strong in Smart Transportation field where our IT partners value the following benefits:
  • Up to 1 meter accuracy of indoor navigation and up to 0.1 meter accuracy of asset tracking
  • One the best-in-class quality to price ratio and support of existing infrastructure
  • Fast system roll out (up to 200K sq ft per man day) and easy to use software tools for developers and system integrators
  • Quick integration with external IT solutions like IBM Bluemix, SAP HANA, industrial security systems, etc.

We have raised $750K up to date and are closing our Seed round this month.

PhysCult is a mobile-only platform for fitness community to share short exercise videos, create custom workouts, and track them on a 3D body model.

A platform for users to find and rent coliving and coworking spaces around the world.

SubwayTalent is a mobile peer to peer marketplace for discovering, connecting with and booking live musicians.

SubwayTalent allows artists and clients to connect through a secure and accountable platform where artists showcase their work for free, and clients are able to search, rate and pay for talent.

TVRunway is the first video commerce solution that doesn’t tag, edit, or touch your video in anyway. No metadata, no pins. Just a live, in-the-moment comparison of what’s in your video against what over 300 retailers have for sale right now.

Watch, click, yours.

“Voices is a tool that makes it really easy for advocacy groups, like the ACLU, to get their members involved in the political process. Getting people involved in politics is important for any advocacy group that wants wants to advance their policy goals. Our service does that by strengthening the connection between advocacy groups and their members, as well as between members and their elected officials. To learn more, visit TryVoices.com”