Congratulations to the Top 10 Mobile App Startups for this year’s MobileWeek Startup Challenge! These top 10 startups will be demoing at the DataWeek Expo, where the crowds will vote for their favorite mobile/wearable startup by tweeting their vote!

How it Works:

  • Startups can solicit votes anyway they want as long as the voting attendees know that they are voting by tweeting.
  • Voting Begins at 9:00 AM Monday April 20th
  • Voting Ends at 4:00 PM Monday April 20th
  • The winning company will get to present on stage for 3 minutes at 5:10 PM

Cheekd reimagines online dating with a new app that makes missed connections obsolete. Cheekd uses a cross-platform low energy Bluetooth technology, which fosters hyper local engagement. The app connects people in real time, versus virtual time. Connections begin in person; Cheekd helps you take the next step and continue the conversation online.

Cheekd ensures you ‘Never Miss a Connection’; thanks to this new Bluetooth technology, the app works on the train; on a plane… anywhere—You’ll get a notification if someone who meets your criteria is within 30 feet of you. If you’re near a potential spark, Cheekd makes sure you know about it.

LASTLOOK helps teams privately organize, share and approve or reject photos without relying on email, text, Dropbox and a myriad of other tools to get an approval. In one app, one can upload a photo, create a project privately and collaborate with others, for work or play. LASTLOOK helps solve the issues of accountability and efficiency in the daily work flow which ultimately saves time and money. During my experience working on film sets for fashion, I became frustrated by the lack of tools available that were ergonomically designed and intuitive for approving or rejecting a photo. I quickly realized this constant problem was not only my experience but was also that of others working in various creative fields. With a growing number of users in the fashion industry, LASTLOOK is also being used by interior designers, event and wedding planners, and a variety of other businesses where people are struggling with the same outdated methods of approving photos.

LISNR is a new communication standard between devices that connects any device with a speaker or microphone using high frequency “data over audio”. Called “Smart Tones”, these silent audio files can broadcast from television, live events, radio, or any standard speaker and then interact with LISNR’s coder base (SDK, API, Java, etc). Today, we are focused on delivering experiences and interactions to any mobile application with the LISNR SDK.

LISNR leverages the properties of sound in a unique and efficient way, making context-based marketing more reliable and more scalable, making it easier facilitate proximity-based marketing and timed-behaviors on mobile devices.

Our mission- Enabling change with data. Our product- Mind My Business is a mobile platform for brick and mortar, independent shopkeepers to let them know everything that is happening outside and around them that makes a difference to their bottom line. We give shopkeepers a business specific view on all the day in day out stuff that hurts their bottom line. From upcoming construction, to regulation changes, to consumer complaints and risks for city fines- we help hundreds of shopkeepers save thousands of dollars. We’re powered by open data.

Mobile games are incredible, they offer experiences that far exceed any previous platform level of engagement with the gamer. However, the most popular gaming genre first person shooter (FPS) has yet to get its bearings on the touchscreen despite the migration of hundreds of hardcore developers, millions of dollars, and millions of gamers making some incredible mobile based FPS games. We knew that by merely connecting a traditional controller to mobile devices was not revolutionary and would just perpetuate hindering more so by ignoring the obvious advantages mobile has to offer rather than excelling mobile gaming. We started by leveraging the gyroscope that is common in every mobile smart device to date. We were able to create the most accurate and realistic way to aim and view the video game environment that the FPS genre and it’s users have unilaterally never experienced. We applied that same question to every aspect of FPS, “how can we make the user feel the game while still keeping it easy for developers to adopt?” to that end we have implemented indispensable features as a whole forever changing both FPS and mobile gaming.

CEEK is a fully immersive mobile virtual world that facilitates shared experiences between users.  From concerts, to movies, conferences, sporting events, learning spaces, museums, branded experiences and other hangouts.  CEEK lets you live the experience virtually! CEEK features personalized user spaces (timeline), private and open hangouts with real-time multi-user voice chat and messaging, voice activated interaction, ability to search, discover, locate and join friends in activities. CEEK features 360 Live Action, 3D movies and standard content all within the fully immersive environments.

Nibbly is the fast, beautiful, and fun way to find the best restaurants near you, with Tinder-inspired design and the Personalization of Pandora

You swipe through cards of nearby restaurants to find a place to eat. As you swipe, we curate your personalized taste profile so you can find food you’ll love no matter where you are in the world. You can check out where it is, when it’s open, the reviews, the menu and get directions, all in one place.

You can then see your recent likes, compare and then make the final decision of where you want to eat in one tap!

You can filter the card feed by selecting different “decks” of cards, like Cheap eats, or Date Spots.

Nibbly makes it extremely easy to answer the question “What do I want to eat right now?” Try it and find your new favorite spot today!

Shrink is a mobile engagement and data analytics platform where we help CPG brands identify and retain most valuable customers. Brands can build direct relationships with their loyal fans, engage them to drive repeat purchases and brand advocacy, and “own” customer purchase data & insights.

For shoppers, it’s a convenient place to discover brands / products they love, and redeem rewards in a convenient manner for being a loyal fan.

Brands have largely relied on coupons and promotions to generate trials for customer acquisition. But, 1) they have no idea who the customers or coupon users are 2) they don’t know if those coupon users / first-time buyers are coming back, 3) and it’s difficult to receive direct feedback from them.

More importantly, it’s difficult for CPG brands build up a fan base and influence in-store sales because 1) retailers closely guard customer relationships & data 2) and shopper data (Nielsen / IRI) is expensive and limited in sample size.

That’s where Shrink comes in, we enable brands of any scale to run their own loyalty rewards programs and provide data analytics & customer management tools to identify, engage (pre/post-purchase), and retarget loyal shoppers all within a single app.

Snapback designs, develops, and markets innovative human‐device interfaces based on low visual and touch‐free interaction with the device. Our goal is to create a more ergonomic user experience that will yield a mobile computing device that is safer and more enjoyable to use. We achieve this objective by leveraging existing human‐device interaction modalities and creating an extensive database of devices performances. A key benefit of our technology is the dramatically improved energy efficiency of the device, which is the result of employing controls that dont require the use of the energy‐intensive display and resorting to already built‐in low‐energy intensive sensors. In addition to these core development initiatives, we are also addressing opportunities in vertical markets, which include solutions in workplace safety, motorist safety and home automation.

WiFi Map offers users a map of crowd-sourced WiFi hotspots in various venues worldwide and is an essential connectivity utility for international travelers and home country users who want to save on 3G/4G traffic usage.