How It Works

Smart Phones, Smart TV’s, Tablets, and Wearables are the fastest growing area of technology innovation. MobileWeek 2016 is conference, coding challenge, and week-long series of events across New York City where the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives master the skills behind the mobile revolution.

Last Year’s Schedule


Mobile + Device development is the enabler of a connected life. We are facing the second generation of mobile technology, where smart phones and devices are more than just an extension of the desktop web – they are creating new touchpoints across health, communication, entertainment, business, and technology. Smart phones and devices are not “the new desktop”, they are a new way to live and work.

Last Year’s Demographics

1,000+ attendees

Featuring thought leaders in the data industry including Microsoft, Google, IBM, GigaOM, and 200+ companies

58% of attendees are technical

Most attendees will be technical: whether they are technical managers, developers, or technical startup founders

32 states and 12 countries

The community comes from all over the world to our conferences in San Francisco

Who Attends Our Events?

39% Technology Executives
36% Developers
7% Startup Founders
7% Technical Managers
19% Other (Media, Consultants, etc)